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At FIRA, we believe rope access is the innovative solution to your access and safety problems. Rope access provides a faster, more efficient, environmentally conscious, cost effective and most importantly, safer way to reach the places you always deemed inaccessible.

Supervision combined with certified and inspected equipment, rescue services and labour leads to incredible efficiency and sets your business up with a competitive advantage in the industry.


We are regulated and audited on a global scale by a governing body in the United Kingdom known as the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). This ensures and allows all Rope Access companies, training facilities, and technicians are educated, regulated and managed according to very specific safety, technique and rescue standard. Safety is always priority number one with us and it is ingrained in our practices, techniques, training, education, mentorship and equipment we utilize.

Rope access can also be referenced in the Occupational Health and Safety manual for Alberta in part 41. It is also in part 34 of the WorksafeBC

Rope Access Setup and Project Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of rope access is that it requires very little set up time. Quite often our level 3’s can come up with a rigging plan, rescue plan and have it all rigged up with in a couple of hours. Which means the work gets started earlier and therefore completed earlier. Compare this with other more traditional access methods and your set up time grows drastically, man power grows which all adds up to higher costs and possibility of injuries incurring on the jobsite.

Environmentally Friendly

Rope Access has very little to no impact on the environment. It allows us to perform projects both big and small with next to no impact on the environment, pedestrians, or traffic.


  • The guys at FIRA went above and beyond. Our building required maintenance on short notice. Brett and the team were easy to deal with and got the job done quickly.
  • Really appreciate their professionalism. They spec’d out exactly what was required and worked with me the entire way.
  • Hard-working and careful. I had some high-rise maintenance that required a reputable team. FIRA was quick to inspect and find a solution. Really appreciate what they did for us.

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