Gay/Bi/Queer Fathers

Resources for Gay/Bisexual/Queer (GBQ) Fathers

Toronto's LGBTQ Parenting Network and Queer Parenting Programmes at the 519 Church St. Community Centre have produced a series of brochures for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans parents. One of these brochures, Parenting Options for Gay/Bi/Queer Men is designed to assist non-heterosexual men who are considering parenthood. The brochure covers options such as public, private and international adoption, co--parenting with women, and surrogacy. Also includes a list of Toronto-based resources and broader web links. To order copies of Parenting Options for Gay/Bi/Queer Men, contact Rachel Epstein, Coordinator, LGBTQ Parenting Network(416) 324-4100 ext. 5219

Download a pdf version of  Parenting Options for Gay/Bi/Queer Men.

Information about the LGBTQ Parenting Network, a resource and educational service supported by a partnership of The Sherbourne Health Centre, 519 Church St. Community Centre and Family Services Association of Toronto.

Information about Queer Parenting Programmes at Toronto's The 519 Church St.


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