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Demographic Profiles

This project, led by Zenaida Ravanera, of the Population Studies Centre, University of Western Ontario, conducted a series of analyses of existing data sets including the Canadian Census and Statistic's Canada's General Social Survey in order to develop a profile of Canadian fathers. This profile included demographic information, information time-use and data on the social capital of fathers. 

Publications Related to This Project

Ravanera, Z. and Hoffman, J., (2012) Canadian fathers: Demographic and socio-economic profiles from census and national surveys. In J. Ball & K. Daly (Eds.) Father involvement in Canada. Diversity, Renewal and Transformation ((pp. 26-49) Vancouver: UBC Press.

Ravanera, Z. (2007). Informal networks social capital of fathers: What does the social engagement survey tell us?. Social Indicators Research, 83(2), 351-373.

Ravenera (2008) Profiles of Fathers in Canada. Father Involvement Research Alliance  

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