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  • Father Involvement in Canada. Diversity, Renewal and Transformation (external website)
    by Jessica Ball & Kerry Daly, Editors
    Published by UBC Press, and edited by FIRA's Jessica Ball and Kerry Daly, Father Involvement in Canada, Diversity, Renewaland Transformation, brings together two dozen leading Canadian fatherhood scholars, including some members of the FIRA team. National in scope, Father Involvement in Canada is the first book of its kind to summarize and challenge current scholarship on Canadian fatherhood and offer new concepts, theoretical frameworks, and research directions. This volume examines the roles and experiences of Canadian fathers from different ethnicities, ages, marital statuses, gender partnering, and economic brackets. Chapters explore issues such as the impact of poverty, access to paternity leave, and the availability of support from social institutions. By co-considering these dimensions and viewpoints, the contributors bring to light interlocking individual, familial, and socio-economic systems in which fathers are embedded.

  • Do Men Mother? Fathering, care and domestic responsibility (external website)
    by Andrea Doucet
    Using evidence gathered in a four-year in-depth qualitative study, including interviews with over 100 fathers—from truck drivers to insurance salesmen, physicians to artists—Andrea Doucet illustrates how men are breaking the mold of traditional parenting models. Doucet’s research examines key questions such as: What leads fathers to trade earning for caring? How do fathers navigate through the ‘maternal worlds’ of mothers and infants? Are men mothering or are they redefining fatherhood? This bookwas awarded the 2007 John Porter Tradition of Excellence Book Award from the Canadian Sociological Association.

  • La paternité au XXIe siècle (Fatherhood in the 21st Century) (external website)
    by Diane Dubea, Annie Devault, Gilles Forget Editors
    La paternité au XXIe siècle (Fatherhood in the 21st Century) is a French-language book based on the work of ProsPère, a Quebec-based group of researchers and professionals which conducted a 15-year father research and program project from 1993 to 2008. Edited by Diane Dubeau, Annie Devault and Gilles Forget, La paternité au XXIe siècle is partly a summary of knowledge from ProsPère's work and also serves as an account of the researchers' evolution in their collective understanding of father involvement: what it means, how it contributes to child development and how father involvement can be promoted. (Annie Devault and Gilles Forget were also members of FIRA.)

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