What we offer

Whatever You Need, We Have the Solution

We are your full-service contractor ready at a moments notice. FIRA offers two service options in order to provide each valued customer with a

plan that fits their exact needs:

Option 1

Our expert team combines with your current rope access trained workforce as leaders to help assist your current team in completing the job in the most cost effective and safe manner.

Option 2

Our expert team combines with your non-IRATA workforce and provides labor and assistance alongside any variety of staff including professional tradesmen, inspectors, engineers, operators, cranes, building and site managers to help solve your vertical or remote access issues.

Partnering with FIRA means broadening the range and scope of projects you and your team are qualified to bid for. With the help of our Level 3 project supervisors, in partnership with your team, we can explore all things possible with rope access. Together we can find a way for a safer, more efficient and affordable alternative to cranes, scaffolding, ladders and aerial work platforms, saving time and money in the process.

Our IRATA Level 3 project supervisors come to work with safety as their number one and an open mind on how they can assist and help your company perform and complete your project on time and on budget. FIRA rope access technicians are experts in their field and eager to help. Coming to the table with years of expertise, we provide the ability to assess and find creative alternatives for you and your team to reap new benefits and opportunities that your business may have been missing out on in the past. Rope access is both cost and time efficient, helping your business further succeed in an already competitive environment. In addition to being more cost and time effective to the many standard access methods – scaffolds, aerial work platforms, cranes and ladders – it is also an exceptional environmentally friendly alternative.

Our level 3’s have all been trained through the IRATA training system and have a minimum of 2000+ hours and 2 years of experience. With safety at the forefront of FIRA, our level 3’s are also required to recertify every 3 years as well as train regularly to stay up to date on all advancements in rescue procedures and rigging methods. Our team has experience working in a variety of industries ranging from oil and gas, building maintenance, wind turbines, off-shore oil rigs, potash mines, civil infrastructure, pulp and paper, chemical and power plants. Working in unison with trades, inspectors and technicians ranging from:


  • Welders;

  • Electricians;

  • Pipe fitters;

  • Steam trace repair;

  • Non destructive testing;

  • Insulators;

  • CWB and API visual inspection;

  • High Rise Building Maintenance and cleaning;

  • Anchor Certification;

  • Window cleaning/replacement;

  • Window Caulking;

  • Exterior Repairs;

  • HVAC Ducting;

  • Pressure cleaning;

  • Banner/advertising/signage;

  • Concert/Motion Picture and Event Setup;

  • Ice Removal;

  • Bridge Inspection;

  • Engineers;

  • Creative Fundraising Events also Available